New Legacy Jazz Band

Jazz & Swing

Now in its 20th year, with the inspiration of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, and dozens more, THE NEW LEGACY JAZZ BAND has delighted audiences and dancers alike with its simultaneously retrospective and contemporary interpretations of great swing era jazz music.

Legendary jazz drummer Louie Bellson states, “They reflect the honesty and purity of good hard-swinging music.  They are both preserving and invigorating a great American art.”  The band, fronted by stellar male and female vocalists, can include piano, bass, drums, guitar, saxophone/clarinet, trumpet, and trombone.



“Little did we know on the morning of May 31, that the vagaries of weather would be the magnificent prelude for Melissa and Matt’s wedding. The musicians took their cue, within the Manor House, joining all for the most awe-inspiring ceremony, and filling the space with the wonderful sound of their music. All else that followed was as perfect and happy a flow of events as I could have imagined with the ‘Olivera Quintet’ marking the beat to everyone’s delight. Our appreciation to the musicians for providing the atmosphere, the merriment and the sounds which carry us away. With warmest regards and appreciation,”
Elizabeth and Bob, Parents of the Bride