DJ John


John is detail-oriented, funny and personable.  He will win you over with his knowledge and ideas, as well as gain your trust that your event is in great hands.

John will simultaneously handle song selections; technical control over all equipment, special announcements, time-line, and "inter-vendor" communication behind the scenes to ensure your event exceeds your expectations.  John is also a talented guitarist/vocalist and often covers ceremony and cocktail music with these live skills before DJing the reception.


"I just wanted to let you know that John was an absolutely FANTASTIC DJ! I would give him a glowing recommendation to any client. He was early, polite, set up quickly and was ready very much in advance, played awesome music that everyone loved the entire night, and cleaned up and was off the boat quickly as well. Please thank him again for his wonderful service. Thanks!"
“We also wanted to extend our thanks to Brian for the great job he did as DJ. He was perfect for their wedding---showing just the right amount of enthusiasm and involvement without being too much.”
Mindy and John, Parents of the Bride