Entertainment Production

“Batucada” is the percussion ensemble parade of driving-rhythms that fill the streets of Rio at “Carnival” time!  This is a time of excitement, mystery, and pageantry!  Adding authentic Brazilian dancers complete with colorful plumes helps transport guests to a South American Carnival.

This was the perfect solution for a diverse corporate gathering looking for a flashy opening for their awards dinner.  As the ballroom doors were opened, the “Batucada Ensemble” appeared in the ballroom foyer and led the guests from cocktails to dinner.  Vibrant colors, pulsating rhythms and energetic dancing set the stage perfectly for this gala dinner.

During the awards presentations later in the evening, our client wanted a short music segment to break up the ceremony.  A vocalist was hired to perform with the Batucada musicians to carryout the tropical theme of the evening with an energetic vocal selection.  This stunningly beautiful vocalist specializes in Brazilian music and was the perfect addition to close out the evening’s entertainment.


Baila Me


Star Dancers