Addams Family Christmas

Unique Events

Breaking from tradition, this annual holiday party surprised guests with “AN ADDAMS FAMILY CHRISTMAS”, complete with Uncle Fester, Thing, Cousin Itt, Lurch, and John Astin, the original Gomez from the TV series.

A hulking Lurch welcomed guests, greeted next by live harpsichord music.  Wacky Uncle Fester and hairy Cousin Itt worked the room.  Lurch played a gong before the hostess, Nancy, was introduced with a surprise guest, Gomez.

A pale Thing popped out of its box, handing Gomez each award recipients’ certificate.  After an elegant dinner, Gomez declared, “I feel like a tango”, sweeping Nancy to the dance floor.

This event garnered an International Special Events Society Capital Award for Entertainment Production!



“What a fabulous evening we had on Friday! My employees are still raving about our ‘Addams Family Christmas’. Your team was spectacular from start to finish. I come up with the craziest ideas, and not only do you not laugh at me while I’m describing them, but you expand on them and turn them into reality. Please send my sincere thanks to Lurch, Uncle Fester, Cousin Itt, Thing, Frank, Evan, Anggiat and Lois. Also, thank you for securing John Astin for us. He was a true gentleman as I had dreamed he would be. I had so much fun being with Gomez! We’ve done it again. Bravo! I’m already thinking of ideas for next year.”
President, Executive Management Associates