Rendezvous Dance Band performs for Cotillion Ball at Westfields

February 22nd, 2011

The Rendezvous Dance Band, consisting of piano/vocals, bass/vocals, guitar, drums, trumpet, saxophones/clarinet/flute, trombone, lead female vocals, and lead male vocals, performed for the 18th consecutive year for the Old Dominion Cotillion Ball at the Westfields International Conference Center.

The event began with presentations of the Pages, Pre-Debutantes, Post Debutantes, and Alumni, each with an appropriate song selection, followed by the formal presentations of each debutante with their own personal song selection, as arranged by Connie Olivera specifically for this event. Dinner music, a variety of dance music, and a grand march to “Radetsky’s March” continued the evening, with the dance floor packed at every moment. Cadettes from the Virginia Military Academy assist each year with this event, adding to the grandeur and military element as is customary for a debutante ball.

A truly grand affair!

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