Entertainment Production – Tip #3 Music As a Role Player

August 17th, 2011

Successful Entertainment Production
Tip #3 Music As a Role Player

The role of music for a special event requires careful planning in order to achieve your desired goal.  Each event is unique, as is the role of the musicians unique.  Consider the following scenarios:

  1. Atmosphere, and more atmosphere.  It may change throughout your event, and the music needs to change alongside it
  2. From solemn to lively, or a mix anywhere in between; what tempo do you envision throughout your event?
  3. Is there a theme?  Let the music accompany your decor to enhance and give life to your theme.  There are endless possibilities.
  4. Is the music to be strictly background?  Is the music for background with a bit dancing?  Is the music meant to get everyone on the dance floor?  Is the music a featured act looking to capture everyone’s attention?  Is the music meant to make everyone clap their hands?
  • The music sets the tone at a special event.  Make it memorable!

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