Entertainment Production – Tip #2 A word about using an iPod for special events…

May 26th, 2011

Successful Entertainment Production
Tip #2  A word about using an iPod for special events

I love iPods – I have one. Our kids have iPods. My iPhone is an iPod. Is using an iPod for a special event a good idea? You need to consider:

Event scheduling details

*  Who will tend to the song selections?  Changing from cocktail to dinner to dance music as needed maintains the life of the celebration.

*  Who will be doing your emceeing, avoiding large pauses of silence?  You need someone ‘in charge’, whether they remain in the background or take an active role in keeping the event exciting and moving along.

*  Who will stop and re-start the music for each announcement?  A professoinal will ensure a smooth transition.

*  Who will coordinate with the other vendors, i.e. notify the caterer prior to the toasts, or the photographer for special announcements or awards ceremony?  A professional tends to these details during the event.

*  Who will pick up the pace if the party starts to die?  Years of experience reading a crowd and keeping the dance floor packed is what you can expect with a professional DJ/MC.

*  Have you carefully considered all song choices and styles?  We provide an extensive list of music to select your favorites, plus advice on songs for your guests and special moments.

Equipment details

*  Who will provide the amplifier, speakers, and cords necessary to power and amplify the iPod?  Home sound equipment is not usually suited for special events.  In fact, you risk potential damage to your equipment.

*  Is this equipment suited for a large room, with superior sound quality?  Professional DJs use only professional quality sound equipment.

*  Have you heard the change in sound quality from an iPod to large speakers?  iPods are built to be used with earbuds.  MP3 files are an inferior sound format.

*  Who is going to provide backup equipment in case of equipment failure?  A professional carries extras.

*  Does your event site have proper power capabilities?  A professional will ensure the power supply is adequate.


*  Who is responsible if the speakers fall over and hurt someone? A professional carries liability insurance.

Peace of mind

*  Will you be relaxed and able to enjoy your event if you are concerned about all of the above?  A professional will work with you prior and during your event to ensure a spectacular celebration.

A professional DJ/MC can transform your event, creating memories for you and your guests to always remember.


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