Entertainment Production – Tip #5 Performer Etiquette

December 28th, 2011

Successful Entertainment Production
Tip #5 – Performer Etiquette

Performer etiquette and appearance are as important as the performance itself.  Factors to consider:

  • Determine the proper dress for your event, and, therefore, for your performers.  Unless they are to be dressed in a specific costume, performer attire should match or be more elegant than your guests.
  • Appropriate attire may be labeled as formal, semi-formal, New York black, cocktail, casual, etc.  Be sure to specify your choice in the contract.
  • Equally important is having a clean look in the performance area.  Cases, bags, and personal items should be stored completely out of sight.
  • Cords necessary for performance should be secured for safety purposes, and kept out of sight as much as possible.  It is best to run cords from the performer to backstage, rather than across the front of the stage or in front of the performers.
  • If music is used, it should be neatly organized in a black folder on a black music stand, so to remain minimally noticed by guests.
  • Performers are to restrain from drinking alcoholic drinks at all times, and from smoking, using cell phones, and eating in view of the guests.
  • Provide a musician area for safe storage of cases, bags, and personal items.  This could also be a place for the performers to eat and have soft drinks during scheduled breaks.
  • Many of these items can be included in your contract, or on a separate rider with the contract.

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