Entertainment Production – Tip #6 Atmosphere is Everything

May 9th, 2012

Successful Entertainment Production
Tip #6 – Atmosphere is Everything

The band is set, along with the caterer and featured speakers. Successful event? Possibly, but consider:

  • Is there a theme woven throughout your event?
  • Do all of the musicians, from the entrance, to cocktails, dinner, awards ceremony, special presentations, featured entertainment,¬†and dancing, have song selections to perform which match the theme?
  • Is the lighting highlighting exactly what you wish to have highlighted, with the appropriate colors?
  • Does the lighting change as the event progresses?
  • Is the cuisine carefully matched to the theme?
  • Are the linens, chairs, and all rentals enhancing your theme?
  • Are the centerpieces carefully crafted to provide continuity with your decor?
  • Were the guests instructed on proper dress for the event?
  • Is there a special fun/color/request for the guests to bring to or receive once at the event?

The overall atmosphere will create an event to remember…make it special!

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